About Jack

Jack Barba | Est. 2015

I started leatherworking in 2015 - making belts and wallets for friends and family. 

I had decided my dad jeans didn't fit me well... at all... so I set out looking for a new pair. After a few Google searches, I soon found myself knee-deep in the online raw denim community. I quickly developed an interest in heritage menswear brands and workwear and I found myself in a whole new world of enthusiast blogs and instagram accounts.

There's a striking similarity between the evolution of raw denim and the patina leather develops over time. Jeans fade and leather darkens - sure - but both materials become increasingly interesting and more personal the more you wear/carry them. 

After buying my first pair of raw denim I decided to get a better quality belt - and for some reason (probably because of a RAWRdenim blog article - now Heddels)... I chose to make it, rather than buy it. 

After 30 years of having zero interest in style and zero artistic/design inclination - I fell in love with menswear, leatherworking, and accessories design. Who'd have known these interests/passions/obsessions would dominate my search history and spare time over the next 5 years? No one. Most of all - not me. 

Over the past 5 years, I've learned a lot about the craft, about myself, and most of all, about my customers. I've had the privilege of sharing my obsession with friends, family, and thousands of other enthusiasts over the internet. 

I'm excited to share my obsession with you. And if you're new to the world of heritage menswear and accessories - I'm super excited FOR YOU as you embark on your journey. 

- Jack